G r a c e     N o t e s
Barbershop Quartet

[ Note: The Grace Notes is no longer active ]

    Grace Notes quartet    

Denver, Colorado, USA
(Western suburbs mostly)

Del Miller -- Tenor
Joe Gibson -- Lead
Bob Dickman -- Bari
Jerry Hooper -- Bass

Contact: Xxxx at 123-456-7890 or xxxx (nospace} xxxx [at) xxx {dot] xxx

Songs we perform

(We take requests, but "Ya gotta be lucky".)

a singing valentine      Singing on a chorus show

We sing as one of the Denver MountainAires quartets doing Singing Valentines in mid February:

-- Audio Clips --


  • Denver MountainAires -- Who we are, What we do, ...
  • Denver MountainAires -- official site
  • Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), official web site (a.k.a. SPEBSQSA)
  • Rocky Mountain District (sub-unit of the BHS)

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